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What is Prestige Gowns?

Our appointment only boutique delivers Prestige service to all ladies looking for their dream dress. Prestige Gowns guides and supports preparing for those special moments, from day one to the final event, through a dedicated team giving undivided attention in our personal Prestige fitting experience.
Do I need to make an appointment?

You are welcome to visit our boutique at anytime and if we do not have an appointment in progress, you will be able to see our full collections, have a coffee and a chat about your needs,  but as we work on a one to one appointment system, ideally yes to attend to you personally. So please, always give us a call beforehand to see if we are free or book your Prestige fitting experience via the online booking system on our website.
Which days are the busiest?

Saturdays are usually in demand and can be rather busy. Why not take an appointment midweek and spend your afternoon finding the perfect gown with your friends and family, after a light lunch? Our opening hours are 10am to 4:30pm, Tuesday to Saturday and evening appointments are available on request.
How long do the Appointments last?

We allow 2 hours for all first appointments with us. This gives us plenty of time to get to know you and to find out all about your wedding. It also allows lots of time for you to try on as many of our beautiful gowns as you like. Our aim is to make you into the bride you’ve always dreamed of and if you need more time you can come back and visit us again for a second or even third experience.
How far in advance should you start to look for your wedding dress?

We recommend 9 to 12 months before your wedding date, although many brides may start the search for their perfect wedding gown up to 2 years before. Some brides will know what they are looking for and find, ‘the one’ immediately, for others it can be a longer process with different Boutiques visited and many different styles tried on. So no matter which bride you are Prestige Gowns would like to help in any way possible to make the perfect choice at the right time for you.
When should I order my Dress?

Ideally you should aim to be ordering your dress 6-9 months prior to the date of your wedding. This takes into account the time it takes for your dress to be made to order which can be up to 16 weeks and then if necessary, any alterations to be made, so that you and Prestige Gowns can be 100% delighted with the finished look. However, if you have a wedding date sooner then we can usually get a dress on a ‘rush’ order although suppliers charge extra for this. We may also have sample dresses, which can be bought off-the-peg and altered to fit by our seamstress.
What services do you offer?

You will have a large, private fitting room, you and your guests will be seated and offered refreshments. The Prestige fitting experience gives exclusive access to our Boutique, our gowns and all accessories in stock allowing you, Prestige Gowns and your guests to create the look you have dreamed of for your perfect day.On delivery of your chosen dress, we will store the dress free of charge, covered by insurance until it leaves our premises. You may come and try the dress on whenever you need to, however it may be necessary to make an appointment.If required we will arrange for you to see one of our highly experienced seamstresses who will alter the dress for you. Please note, there is a charge for alterations and we are happy to give you an approximate quote before the work goes ahead. However, you are free to take the dress to your own choice of seamstress if you wish.

We will arrange for you to have a ‘rehearsal’ in the dress, this will include how to walk, turn and sit in the dress and we will show your maids how to help you put the dress on. We will press and prepare the dress before collection so that it is ready to wear.

We have additional services available to all our customers recommended through the Prestige Partners link on our website or ask for additional info in our boutique. The services range from Wedding planners, co-ordinators to photographers, candy carts and more.
After the wedding we can get your dress dry cleaned and boxed for you (at an additional charge).

What happens at my Appointment?

You and your guests will be greeted with refreshments and the boutique closed to the public, to help you relax and enjoy the whole experience of choosing your perfect wedding dress. Your one-to-one personalised consultation will assist when getting to know about you and your wedding style, what you like, want, need… and don’t want in your finished bridal look. Then we ask you to enjoy and have fun as you and your guests browse all of our dresses and select your favourites you would like to try on.You will then be shown to your very own private fitting room in which to try on our beautiful gowns and then one by one reveal yourself as the beautiful bride to your specially selected guests.Once you have found the ‘the one’, we can help you complete the finished look with our stunning collections of veils, tiara’s, shoes and wedding hair accessories.
Who should I bring when I come for my Appointment?

You want a wedding gown that will make you look fantastic and feel amazing. You are the only one who will really know when you have found ‘the one’.But us ladies know that those closest to us give great guidance and we value their opinions, so you’ll know already who you want to be with you for that special moment and if that’s 1 or 5 people, then that’s who we would like you to bring. Just remember the more people the more opinions and so we will try our best to make this easy for you, but you are guaranteed to have more enjoyable experience with a couple of trusted opinions from those closest to you.Most brides like to have ‘me’ time to choose their bridal gown, however, should you need to bring your children with you, we do understand and welcome all to use the area provided in our boutique should your guests wish to entertain the little ones. (Please be advised not to leave your children unattended)
What if I find a dress but can’t afford to order yet?

Wherever we can we will try and assist you to purchase your dream dress by spreading the cost over a number of months. We require up to 50% part payment to order your wedding gown but we can set up a payment plan for you to achieve this. Please take into account order and delivery times of up to 16 weeks so we would then recommend an earlier date to start with your payment plan to avoid any disappointment of discontinued dresses.
Can I buy ‘off the peg’?

Yes on occasions you can. We offer a 10% discount for all samples bought off the peg and we also have payment plans available to spread the payments over 3 months for you. Please ask in our boutique for dresses that are available.
How much is it if I require my gown altered?

Many of our gowns are adjustable with lace up back or can be ordered with extra length of up to 5” from the supplier. However, we are all different shapes and sizes and so sometimes your gown may require shortening or slight adjustment to the body.Prestige Gowns is proud to have Heidi our seamstress, who has many years experience in the bridal industry and is on hand by appointment to do any required adjustment ensuring a perfect fit. Prices vary depending on how much work is involved and will be available on request, however as a guide usual prices vary between £50-£180.Your dress won’t even look like any alterations have been done, so if you decided to change a button back for zip or a size 14 for a 12, then our seamstress will be happy to oblige.
How will my dress arrive?

Your gown will arrive in our boutique be steamed, stored and handed personally to you on a hanger and with its own dress bag once you are ready for it.
What size are the sample Wedding Dresses?

We hold a range of sample dresses and most of our dresses can be ordered from a size 6 up to a size 30 and our corset back dresses can comfortably adjust to the next size up. If there is a specific dress you have seen and want to check what size our sample is, then do feel free to email or ring us and we will assist you with this.
I plan to lose weight, when should I start looking for my dress?

If you are planning to lose weight we encourage you to be as honest as possible with yourself over what is realistically achievable and we will discuss this with you at length at the point when your dress is ordered.
Do you mind if I bring in photos of the dress I like?

We encourage this, it is a great way to get across your idea of the perfect wedding gown, scrap books, Pinterest etc. Though Prestige Gowns supports an open mind, let us and your guests suggest styles that you may not have thought of before, you may be surprised with your final selection.
How do I pay for the Gown?

To order your gown, we take a 50% part payment, then balance is then due when your gown arrives in our boutique and we call you to arrange a fitting or no later than when you come in for your first fitting appointment to try on.Most people pay for their gown by card and we accept all major types of credit or debit card.Prestige Gowns also offers an interest free payment plan. This allows a hassle free way to pay for your gown in installments and spread the cost of the deposit and/or balance. Prestige Gowns will tailor make a plan suitable for your needs, making it an easy and affordable way to pay for your dream dress.
How quickly can you get a dress in?

14-16 weeks is our standard delivery time and we prefer to have at least 6 weeks to allow for seamstress fittings and final tweaks. However, we can get dresses delivered in 4 weeks, although there are often extra costs from our suppliers with this option. Generally anything below 14 weeks means that your selection of dresses starts to reduce but come and see us as soon as possible.
Do you have a range of Wedding Accessories?

Yes we source our fantastic range of jewellery, veils, tiaras, fascinators and shoes here in the UK, many of which can be tailored to suit your own requirements. We will be happy to discuss this with you during any of your fittings.
When should I choose my Accessories?

Once you have found the ‘the one’, it is time to accessorize, this can be done on the day you order your gown as it enables you to see the finished look or you can do this at your first fitting appointment when you will be wearing your bridal gown for the very first time, in your size and colour. We have a range of veils, shoes, bags, tiaras, jewellery and other accessories, which we can’t wait to show you.
Will I have to have fittings?

Prestige Gowns take great pride in making sure that each client leaves us with a perfectly fitting gown. All fittings take place at our boutique or at the workshop of our experienced expert seamstresses. In most cases two fitting appointments are needed, but some alterations may require more fittings. This will be discussed with each bride at the time.
What do I need to bring to my first fitting?

You will need to ensure you have a well fitted bra in a style that will be suitable under your chosen gown. (Strapless, one shoulder etc).You should also bring along your shoes if you haven’t already you can purchase from the stunning range available in our boutique. It would be advisable to wear your hair in a similar style to the one you are planning for your big day or to bring a hair clip to put your hair up to showcase the exquisite back-detailing you may have on your gown of choice.Please also ensure that you do not wear fake tan and that you keep your makeup to a minimum to ensure that your dress is kept as beautiful as possible for your big day.

What lingerie do I need?

Bridal lingerie needs to be well fitting, comfortable, supportive, simple and not show through your gown. Prestige Gowns has an expert lingerie fitter on the Prestige Partners section of our website.
What if I haven’t allowed enough time?

Where there’s a will there’s a way… Make an appointment to see us and we will do our best to make your day and get you that dream dress. Please remember that the longer you leave it the more difficult it will be but we have a number of options available, so don’t settle for 2nd best, pick up the phone and see what we can do.
What is the price range of your dresses?

Prestige Gowns, stock bridal dresses starting from just £300 up to £2,000 ensuring a stunning choice for our brides, our bridesmaids start from £80 to £300 and our flower girls from £40 – £190.
Can I come in just to look at your Accessories?

Yes if you have bought your dress elsewhere, you are more than welcome to come along and look at our accessories available.
Where is the best place to park?

Parking is available in the Rishworth Street multi-storey car park to the rear of the Boutique, or you may choose to park directly opposite our shop front in the car park also available, both are run by Wakefield Council and are less than £1.00 per hour.
How do I transport my Gown?

When it comes to the day you collect your gown, your bridal consultant will advise the best way for you to transport the gown, this will all depend on the size and material of the gown. If you are getting married abroad, we recommend having a case or box the size of your hand luggage allowance in order to keep it with you at all times. Please check with your airline for luggage restrictions/allowance etc
Is the Internet cheaper?

At Prestige Gowns we aim to deliver a premium standard of service with high quality designer gowns.We will happily rescue any of the disappointed brides who have bought a gown online and the results have been disappointing. With our reputable, award winning suppliers you can buy safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what you are purchasing.If you are considering a purchase from the internet please take a moment, will your dress be the dress of your dreams, the exact colour shown, will it arrive in time, will it fit, will it have been worn already, where will you go for any alterations and where do you stand should you have any concerns/worries about your purchase?The Retail Bridalwear Association (RBA), ordered two famous name dresses online and when they arrived both were counterfeit, inferior quality fakes. The RBA is constantly taking calls on their Helpline from disappointed brides who have been let down by fraudulent online traders. The Sun newspaper and Watchdog recently featured brides who had been let down in this way and were immediately swamped with calls from brides with similar cases.

Don’t be the next one, in a long line of heartbroken brides.

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